Googley Summer – pt. 2: The Internship Starts

As I have promised around six months ago (oops), I’m going to tell the story of how I spent Summer 2016: Interning at Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California!


I had the exact same internship start date as my friends Soko (also a Google intern) and Tri (Twitter intern), so we figure we might as well go on our halfway around the world trip (CGK-SFO, minimum transit time is 20hours) together. We decided to fly with Korean Air since it’s cheap compared to other airlines and it’s also a SkyTeam member! As an added bonus, Incheon Aiport (our transit airport) offers a free city tour for international travelers transiting through South Korea with a long layover. As opportunistic college students with 8+ hours to burn in Incheon, of course we signed up for the 5 hour long tour 😀 We went to a traditional village (?), a local market and ate lots of tteokboki and bibimbaps.  Continue reading “Googley Summer – pt. 2: The Internship Starts”

Googley Summer – pt. 1

Hi there, just like I promised in my last post, here’s a story about how I spent my summer in 2016: interning at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California! In this part, I’ll talk about my experience before the internship starts – applications, interviews, apartment hunting (always crazy in the bay area, lol), etc.

Getting an internship at Google

If you read my previous posts, you know how I spent Summer 2015: Interning at Square! Well, my internship there ended around end of September 2015, but I already started applying to various places for my next internship from around end of August. That way, I can get an internship offer before I get a return offer from Square and have more time to consider offers (PD amat ya, but it works!)

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Life’s too short to do things you don’t like

I had a lot of self-contemplating these days (especially whent it’s near maghrib and I’m too hungry to do anything :P). Anyways, I thought a lot about my freshman year: things I’ve learned, done, and achieve. It turns out to be a little bit below my expectation.

So, I promised to myself that next year I won’t be disappointed again. I started joining online CS courses (and hopefully passing them!), solved more competitive programming problems, and get my hands dirty in the open source world. And it’s all awesome!

Web Development Days

So, to start off this year, I’ve decided to branch out to other programming-related skills! Yes, I love competitive programming, but you can’t live out of prize money 😦

I’ve tried to build an Android app last December. Google hosted a challenge for students, and I was so excited! So I contemplated for days about what kind app to build, and decided to make an app to organize my college life. I listed the features I wanted, ask my friends from various universities about what kind of feature they need, and the plan is ready! 😀 Continue reading “Web Development Days”

A little guide

So I noticed that some readers of this blog are not familiar with the terms I and other coders usually use, so here’s a little translation.


  • Problem – Well, it’s a problem (usually with interesting story :P). To solve it, you must submit your code.
  • Submission – The code you submit to solve a problem.
  • Judge – Usually a computer, it runs your code and check if the output of your program matches the official answer.
  • OJ – Online Judge. Websites where you can find problems and submit codes to answer it.
  • Verdict – Judge’s response for your program.
  • AC – Accepted. It’s when your program produced the right answer, didn’t crash, and didn’t exceed time and memory limit.
  • One Shoot AC –  you got Accepted on your first submission to the problem! 😮
  • TLE – Tme Limit Exceeded. Usually problems have time limit (1 second, 3 seconds, etc.). You get TLE when the running time of your program exceeded the time limit.
  • MLE – Memory Limit Exceeded. Usually problems have memory limit (32 MB, 256 MB). It’s kind of rare to get this verdict though, because most of the time you can easily tell if your program got MLE if you do the math.
  • RTE – Runtime Error. You will get this verdict if your program suddenly crashed during judging.
  • WA – Wrong answer. Your program produces an output, but it’s wrong. 😦
  • Programming Contest – A contest with some problems.  If your submission is correct, you will receive points and get nice ranks! This is fun especially when your rivals are competing too 😛
  • Rating – A certain number that shows your competence (?) Used in some OJs that frequently have programming contests like codeforces and topcoder. If you get a nice rank in a contest, your rating increase and vice versa.

Ehem. Jadi gw k…

Ehem. Jadi gw kemaren2 daftar Google Code Jam 2012. Terus pas mau make nickname ‘makanbeling’, ternyata udah dipake orang. Gw pun bingung berhari-hari, orang aneh macam apa yang kepikiran nickname makanbeling selain gw 😮 Pada akhirnya gw tetep daftar pake email gw yang baru dengan nickname ‘maling’

Dan hari ini gw ngebuka inbox email gw yang lama (alpha****, dan tiba-tiba gw liat ada email dari GCJ

Dear makanbeling,

Last year, you signed up to take on the challenge of Google Code Jam 2011. Now you’ve had a year to practice; a year to grow wise; a year to learn how to think faster than you can type, then learn to type faster. In short, you’ve had a year to get ready for Google Code Jam 2012.

Bro, ternyata username makanbeling yang gw pake taun lalu masih jadi kepunyaan email gw yang dulu -_____-

Dan sekarang gw bingung, karena gw udah daftar pake email yang baru, gw bakal didiskualifikasi kalo daftar lagi pake email lain -____-


Good News,  ternyata gw boleh pake email & username gw yang lama selama gak make account baru gw buat ngerjain 😀