Frequently Asked Questions About Internships

I originally wanted to have a clickbait title before, such as “10 Tips Untuk Magang di Google! Nomor 7 Akan Mencengangkan Kamu!” 😛 (jk I hate those)

Anyways – ever since I got my first internship in San Francisco Bay Area / Silicon Valley, people have been asking me how I got it. This is by no means an easy question to answer off the top of my head, especially since an internship search is a pretty long process. So, after getting the question for the hundredth (?) time and being not satisfied with my answer almost every time, I’m making this blog post to answer the questions once and for all! Just like a good software engineer would, I’m eliminating the repetitive task of answering these questions 😀

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Life’s too short to do things you don’t like

I had a lot of self-contemplating these days (especially whent it’s near maghrib and I’m too hungry to do anything :P). Anyways, I thought a lot about my freshman year: things I’ve learned, done, and achieve. It turns out to be a little bit below my expectation.

So, I promised to myself that next year I won’t be disappointed again. I started joining online CS courses (and hopefully passing them!), solved more competitive programming problems, and get my hands dirty in the open source world. And it’s all awesome!

I’m back!

No, my feelings did NOT come back. I still feel indifferent everyday. Well, maybe I still feel a little, but it never lasted long and it’s so weak I can’t recall any of it after a day. I feel detached from society, but not in a bad way. I just think I won’t weep when people change or leave. I still manage to maintain good social relationships just enough so I’m not spending my days alone. Well, as long as I still function normally in society, I don’t mind. And no, I don’t feel any emptiness or whatever you call it. It’s actually more of a blessing than a curse because now I feel like I’m a whole person and I don’t need anybody to cope by, so I don’t waste so many hours to impress not-so-important people everyday. Take that, feelings!

Now I’m back to my simple life of 24/7 coding/watching tv series/sleeping. If I can feel any emotion now, my best guess is that it would be happiness. 🙂

I am an extension.

I am just an extension of myself 2 years ago.

Everything I am now, is based on what I did back then.

I made huge mistakes, wrong turns, blunders, whatever you may call it.

I used to mourn over them.

But now, looking back, I felt every huge mistake brought a huge lesson.

Had I chosen to drift away and pursue a different path at some point, I might or might not be happier.

Nevertheless, I am an extension of my 10th grader self, and I’m glad I did what I did.

So I’ve just realized, my first submission to an online judge was 2 years and 6 days ago. And now I am actually here, attending the first training camp for IOI 2013. It was a long journey (and I hope it won’t end soon). I’m so glad to be here 🙂