Googley Summer – pt. 2: The Internship Starts

As I have promised around six months ago (oops), I’m going to tell the story of how I spent Summer 2016: Interning at Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California!


I had the exact same internship start date as my friends Soko (also a Google intern) and Tri (Twitter intern), so we figure we might as well go on our halfway around the world trip (CGK-SFO, minimum transit time is 20hours) together. We decided to fly with Korean Air since it’s cheap compared to other airlines and it’s also a SkyTeam member! As an added bonus, Incheon Aiport (our transit airport) offers a free city tour for international travelers transiting through South Korea with a long layover. As opportunistic college students with 8+ hours to burn in Incheon, of course we signed up for the 5 hour long tour 😀 We went to a traditional village (?), a local market and ate lots of tteokboki and bibimbaps.  Continue reading “Googley Summer – pt. 2: The Internship Starts”

Googley Summer – pt. 1

Hi there, just like I promised in my last post, here’s a story about how I spent my summer in 2016: interning at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California! In this part, I’ll talk about my experience before the internship starts – applications, interviews, apartment hunting (always crazy in the bay area, lol), etc.

Getting an internship at Google

If you read my previous posts, you know how I spent Summer 2015: Interning at Square! Well, my internship there ended around end of September 2015, but I already started applying to various places for my next internship from around end of August. That way, I can get an internship offer before I get a return offer from Square and have more time to consider offers (PD amat ya, but it works!)

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I’m back!

No, my feelings did NOT come back. I still feel indifferent everyday. Well, maybe I still feel a little, but it never lasted long and it’s so weak I can’t recall any of it after a day. I feel detached from society, but not in a bad way. I just think I won’t weep when people change or leave. I still manage to maintain good social relationships just enough so I’m not spending my days alone. Well, as long as I still function normally in society, I don’t mind. And no, I don’t feel any emptiness or whatever you call it. It’s actually more of a blessing than a curse because now I feel like I’m a whole person and I don’t need anybody to cope by, so I don’t waste so many hours to impress not-so-important people everyday. Take that, feelings!

Now I’m back to my simple life of 24/7 coding/watching tv series/sleeping. If I can feel any emotion now, my best guess is that it would be happiness. 🙂

Web Development Days

So, to start off this year, I’ve decided to branch out to other programming-related skills! Yes, I love competitive programming, but you can’t live out of prize money 😦

I’ve tried to build an Android app last December. Google hosted a challenge for students, and I was so excited! So I contemplated for days about what kind app to build, and decided to make an app to organize my college life. I listed the features I wanted, ask my friends from various universities about what kind of feature they need, and the plan is ready! 😀 Continue reading “Web Development Days”

Semester 1

Setelah gw baca ulang, post sebelumnya agak jijik gimana gitu ya 😛

Hmm mari kita lupakan saja post itu, karena gw mau cerita tentang semester 1 gw! *yaay*

Masa perkuliahan gw secara resmi dimulai pada tanggal 2 September 2013, walaupun sebelumnya sudah ada masa orientasi tingkat UI (OKK UI, btw gw nyesel ikut acara ini. Jangan ditiru ya adik2 ) dan PMB (Pembinaan Mahasiswa Baru) Fasilkom. Selain itu, sebelum masuk kuliah, gw berwacana untuk ikut TRUI (Tim Robotik UI) dan komunitas panahan UI. Tapi tentu saja semua itu hanya wacana 🙂 Gw cuman daftar TRUI tapi ga pernah wawancara, dan gw cuman datang latihan panahan sekali doang!

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That in spite of the difficulties and frustrations of the moment, I still have a dream.

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

Hit me right in the heart. How long has it been since the last time I feel lovely after solving a problem?

I should really start challenging myself again 🙂

I am an extension.

I am just an extension of myself 2 years ago.

Everything I am now, is based on what I did back then.

I made huge mistakes, wrong turns, blunders, whatever you may call it.

I used to mourn over them.

But now, looking back, I felt every huge mistake brought a huge lesson.

Had I chosen to drift away and pursue a different path at some point, I might or might not be happier.

Nevertheless, I am an extension of my 10th grader self, and I’m glad I did what I did.