Holiday Plans

Well, my ~3 months long holiday started last Tuesday, and I already made plans to fill the days!

Mid June – End of June

  • Campus duties: EPT BEM, Team Building PMB
  • IPSC!
  • Build PMB Website!!!
  • READ CTF writeups. Seriusly I suck hard at CTFs and I should study more.
  • Be fluent in Python. Do CF practices in Python.
  • READ Violent Python, Practical Packet Analysis, Hacking: The Art of Exploitation
  • Seriously, CTFs CTFs CTFs HackThisSite SmashTheStack
  • OMG STEAM SUMMER SALE! Spend wisely, Rakina.
  • Do CFs. 1 Round/Day.
  • Do SRMs. 1 SRM/Day.


  • Relearn the Piano, for real.
  • Finish the website!
  • Learn a human language. Top picks: German, Russian, Japanese.
  • Play the hell out of the games I bought on Steam Summer Sale
  • Don’t stop CTFing just because you’re starving.
  • Don’t stop CF & SRM just because you’re starving.
  • READING can make you forget about your stomach. READ THOSE BOOKS!!!!
  • Download ALL the movies using your brother’s fast fast internet connection. Gotta love the rich ones!


  • Teach the hell out of DKI Kids (Yes I got a job teaching them, yay money!)
  • Do the CF and SRM too, you don’t want to behind those kids……
  • Don’t forget to CTF, Gemastik is approaching………
  • Head start on statprob? 😀

Let’s just hope none of this ended up uncrossed 😀


What do you think?

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