Awesome Summer!

Yeah yeah I know Indonesia doesn’t have ‘summer’. But it’s hot outside so I’ll just call it that.

So, my ~3 months long holiday just ended last week (Though I skipped all the classes this week but that’s another matter). Last year, I spent my 3 months with playing games, browsing the internet, etc. I regretted that summer very much. So I decided to do interesting stuffs this year, and I did!

  • Competitive programming: I’m still doing it and I don’t think I’ll ever stop in the foreseeable future. I am targeting for ICPC World Finals this year so yeah, I practiced most days and participated in CF rounds. Last week I solved 3 out of 4 problems that my team solved in Compfest’s preliminary round. (could’ve solved 4 or 5 though)
  • Real programming: I contributed to the open source world! Well I solved some small issue in TOCC and I become a maintainer of Regrader (thanks fushar!). It’s awesome how much I learned from such small contributions.
  • Campus duties: As some of you may already know, I am an IT Development staff at BEM Fasilkom UI, my faculty’s student union. I got assigned to design the members’ profile page and attendance list, and the media division’s poster-design ordering system. Cool stuff, learned a lot about front-end!
  • Summer job: I am coach for DKI Jakarta’s Informatics Olympiad team this summer! Learned a lot of stuff by teaching these nine kids and preparing problems for them with my awesome coach partner, Jessica. Totally worth it to spend almost all of August teaching them!
  • Internship search: I’ve always wanted to do an internship in an awesome company/start-up, so I did a lot of research this summer and gathered a list of awesome places to work and people to network with. I’ve already sent my applications to a few companies. So far so good.
  • Learning new stuff: Learning from past experience, I decided to only enroll in one Coursera course. And it went well! Almost done with my machine learning class, learned MATLAB for the programming exercises. I’ve also read some books on computer networking and Python and I’m also a lot more confident in my familiarity with the UNIX environment now. Woohoo!

What do you think?

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