Mimpi terbaru Rakina

Setelah gagal menjadi peserta IOI, gw ternyata masih punya kesempatan untuk ikut lomba CP tingkat internasional: ACM-ICPC!

Di ACM-ICPC regional Jakarta kemarin, gw dan tim gw mendapat peringkat yang kurang bagus (peringkat 10). Di akhir November nanti, gw mendapat kesempatan lagi untuk mengikuti ACM-ICPC regional Da Nang, Vietnam.

Di sela-sela latihan tiap minggu, coach ICPC kami, pak Denny, mengirim email yang kurang lebih berisi:

Dear all,


Ayo semangat latihannya. Fakultas sudah memberikan dana dan kepercayaan yang cukup besar untuk memberikan kesempatan lagi pada kita.


Hari ini, gw berjanji: Dalam jangka waktu 4 tahun ini, gw dan tim gw bakal lolos ke world final! Gw juga akan berusaha latihan tiap hari, seperti masa-masa pertama jatuh cinta dengan CP :”>


So I’ve just realized, my first submission to an online judge was 2 years and 6 days ago. And now I am actually here, attending the first training camp for IOI 2013. It was a long journey (and I hope it won’t end soon). I’m so glad to be here 🙂

A little guide

So I noticed that some readers of this blog are not familiar with the terms I and other coders usually use, so here’s a little translation.


  • Problem – Well, it’s a problem (usually with interesting story :P). To solve it, you must submit your code.
  • Submission – The code you submit to solve a problem.
  • Judge – Usually a computer, it runs your code and check if the output of your program matches the official answer.
  • OJ – Online Judge. Websites where you can find problems and submit codes to answer it.
  • Verdict – Judge’s response for your program.
  • AC – Accepted. It’s when your program produced the right answer, didn’t crash, and didn’t exceed time and memory limit.
  • One Shoot AC –  you got Accepted on your first submission to the problem! 😮
  • TLE – Tme Limit Exceeded. Usually problems have time limit (1 second, 3 seconds, etc.). You get TLE when the running time of your program exceeded the time limit.
  • MLE – Memory Limit Exceeded. Usually problems have memory limit (32 MB, 256 MB). It’s kind of rare to get this verdict though, because most of the time you can easily tell if your program got MLE if you do the math.
  • RTE – Runtime Error. You will get this verdict if your program suddenly crashed during judging.
  • WA – Wrong answer. Your program produces an output, but it’s wrong. 😦
  • Programming Contest – A contest with some problems.  If your submission is correct, you will receive points and get nice ranks! This is fun especially when your rivals are competing too 😛
  • Rating – A certain number that shows your competence (?) Used in some OJs that frequently have programming contests like codeforces and topcoder. If you get a nice rank in a contest, your rating increase and vice versa.